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Monday, August 15, 2011

Scarred for Life....or...Am I???

If you come here often (wink) then you know that I had to have bicep surgery that left my arm looking like this when the doctor took my cast off:

After I recovered from passing out in the doctor's office, I was told that it would take 12 weeks for this friggin' thing to heal.

Well, it's been 9 weeks since the surgery as I write this, and my arm currently looks like this:


I mean, it's better than the other look with all the stitches in it and blood and

*passes out*

I was at karate and one of the guys there goes:

"You should get a tattoo there. Cover it up."

Yes. Because I love getting tattooed SO MUCH THE FIRST TIME.


Regardless, his suggestion for my tattoo?

Yes. A centipede.

He figured since the scar looked like one it just made sense but I kind of poo-poo'd the idea because all I can see is looking down every 5 minutes and trying to GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF ME!!

Not cool.

So I started thinking of some other ideas for tattoos that I could hide the scar in.


Then I rethought this again because, you know..


Ooh! Got one!

That's Oogie Boogie from "Nightmare Before Christmas" and I ended up having to do this as some ying-yang upside-down thing because my scar is, like, 8 inches long and to get this to scale right I'd have to be Popeye.

Still, this is kind of kick-ass.

Then I remembered the scene in the movie where the maggots come out and, you know, BUGS so screw that.

Maybe a bit of a collage?

The only problem with this is that I think I'd have to get the rights to use these images but I've only made $10 from my Cafepress store and my only paid advertiser on my sidebar over there is Ron fucking Paul so that's out.

Plus the guy with the scar kind of freaks me out.

How about this one?

Weird. It just started thundering.

Maybe I'll just leave it alone.

Moog out.


Shawn said...

One word: Advertising

How much will you charge to tattoo my logo and URL on your arm?

Brandon Duncan said...

Nice. I think you should go for the ladybug one. That would keep 'em guessing. Or maybe a zipper?

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the Jesus one. You know, because Real Men Love Jesus and all that jazz.

notactuallygod said...

Get a tattoo of your right bicep (healthy & uncut) over your left one and then nobody will know!

SherilinR said...

i've always loved scars on a man. shows that you're not just a woosy little sissy boy. you're tough and not afraid to tangle with the badass things of the world. i say leave it & just come up with a great story of how you got it. it could maybe involve tigers.

Lindsay Schultz said...

Oooh, that scar guy is in Gladiator also.

As the great Shane Falco said, "Chicks dig scars."

Anonymous said...

I think you should leave the scar as is, Moooooogy. Scars can be sexy. And once you open your mouth, you need all the help you can get.

Luda said...

How about a choo-choo train!?

Unknown said...

Apply Vitamin E oil regularly and it will fade a lot. But then maybe you like the badass look of having a scar!

Knight said...

I was biting into a sandwich as I opened this post. Roasted red peppers have never been so nauseating before. Thanks.

I don't know why you want to cover it. The scar is kinda hot. You should tattoo the stitches back on.

Stacey said...

I'm on the scars are kinda sexy train. Unless it's a scar from butt implants. That would be weird. Especially in your arm.

ThePeachy1 said...

You overlooked the awesomeness of a zipper tattoo. For my brain surgery I am having my daughter design a tattoo of a zipper with it partial undone and "something" trying to get out. I think it will be freaking ubber awesome.

Lady Estrogen said...

Centipedes are THEE worst insect - they are an abomination.

Ohh - the zipper - like Peachy said - hahaha - gross but awesome.

Anonymous said...

Got no problem with scars. I have a similar one about 4" long going up my wrist. I've gotten so tired of saying that I slipped loosening a bolt, that my answer is either "knife fight" or "OH MY GOD, where did that come from?"

Christina_the_wench said...

I trump your scar with 3 c-sections and a gall bladder incision. I currently have a broken foot after 9 months as an ace in the hole.

Yeah ok. I said hole. Go with it...


The lady bugs *are* a little manly, but I think you could pull it off.

badlarry said...

mooog said...

my scar is like 8 inches long

Oh man, you gave me an idea for the greatest pick-up line ever.

"Hey baby wanna see something eight inches long that'll make you scream?"

And then you show em your scar.

Hey, if they're expecting you to show em "Rod Jr." and you flash a disfiguring scar instead, you're bound to come out looking good.

Or at least less like a creeper...

Tazer Warrior Princess said...

Oooo I've got a matching one on my foot. Very nice!

MommaKiss said...

You're aware I have a ladybug tat, right? Like tats. Nasty scars? Not so much.

J.J. in L.A. said...

I like the zipper idea. It shows you have a great sense of humor. Whimsy even.

Moooooog35 said...

Shawn: GREAT Idea. How much ad space were you looking for?

Brandon: OOH. Ladybugs coming out of a zipper!

Ugh. Now I'm itchy.

Dark: WE DO?

NotActually: GENIUS.

Sherillin: CLOSE. My current story involves tiger SHARKS. True story.

Lindsay: Yeah? How you doin?

smedette: You cut me real deep right then, smedette. Cut me real deep.

Luda: Here comes Thomas!

Eva: sperm has Vitamin E in it, right?

Perhaps I've said too much.

Knight: We should just mate and get this tension out of the way.

Trucking: That would also give 'arm farts' a whole new meaning.

Peachy: Brandon mentioned the zipper above..I may have ladybugs crawling out of it. GAH NO I CAN'T NO I CAN'T.

Lady: I'm sending you a centipede for your birthday. You're welcome.

Ann: you could also say that it was a dark time in your life..right around the death of Herve Villachaize.

Christina: You sound hot.

Sarcasm: Oh, you'd be amazed at the things I can pull off.

badlarry: You make an excellent wingman.

Tazer: You have a bicep surgery scar on your foot? WTF.

Momma: You may have to show me that one.

JJ: I don't want people to know I have a sense of humor. I like to surprise them. Usually in church.

meleah rebeccah said...

No tattoo. Scars are hot. That is all.

VEG said...

Don't do the zipper thing - it's getting passe now. I say get a tattoo of an even BETTER scar. :)

Scars are cool!

Pat said...

Your scar is 8 inches long?? Ha! That's the ONLY thing that is 8 inches on your body, right?

I say leave the scar as is. You could tell people that you had a fake muscle put in, like women and their fake breasts (although mine are REAL). Although why you only had ONE put in....hmmmm.....okay, you couldn't afford your other arm. You're still working on that!

The Absent Minded Housewife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Absent Minded Housewife said...

I think my episiotomy scar is like 8 inches long...and I could totally pull the jesus tattoo on it without having to draw in the beard.

ClevelandPoet said...

I say go with the cereal monsters: an awesome line up the arm of boo berry, count cocula, frankenberry or hell switch it up with yummy mummy!

Sarah said...

Leave it.

"I got it when I saved my kitten from a pitbull. It didn't bite me. My bicep snapped from incredible strength."

Cue sex.

Chris said...

Go with your first instincts. Get the centipede tattoo, by all means.

I was going to bore you with my tattoo story, but then I read the other post you linked to about YOUR first tattoo and I got concerned that you'd accuse me of plagiarism.

THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. I hate needles. Hate 'em hate 'em hate 'em. I scheduled mine for a summer day, then I proceeded to spend the entire day before on the deck, reading Jurassic Park.

I had a sunburn when I got my tattoo. Oh fuck, two pricks with the needle and I went out. OUT.

OUT, like I woke up with the guy's assistant putting a damp washcloth on my forehead. I know EXACTLY how you feel, hearing the word 'outline' and wanting to throw up.

I hate needles. But you should go with the centipede. OR, you could do an Eddie timeline ever since "Piece of Mind." That scar is visible on most of the albums that came right after Piece.

Susan Bodendo/Super Earthling said...

This was hilarious! I mean I’m really sorry about your truly heinous scar and the likelihood it will never ever look cool no matter what you do to doll it up, but this had me laughing out loud.

BTW, I vote for the badass Jesus tattoo so you can strike both fear and adoration in the hearts of onlookers at the same time.

Alexandra said...

WHat happened????

Are you alright now??

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