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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is probably why I don't get any product endorsement deals

This is an email I received a little while ago. I get a lot of these, and you can tell which ones are from people who have absolutely no idea what kind of blog you write.

Well, at least FOR ME it's easy.

My reply:

That was the last I ever heard from Richard.

I probably should have checked it out, though.

A nice bamboo steamer would probably cover my bicep scar quite nicely.


Unknown said...

I can't imagine why you didn't hear back from Richard; to me it sounded like a match made in heaven!

jack mehoff said...

i love that richard has to explain that with a $10 credit the $10 item is free. whata douche!

Unknown said...

You know it is truly sad how people don't truly get the joke when they send these things to so many people and never even look to see what you talk about, then when you respond in your standard manner they just ignore you.

I would have written back, "I am so glad that my skills at timing my ad campaigns have been so on point lately. I sent a request to a sex toy store for a chastity belt."

Then the two of you could have started a great campaign like Bitter Baking Company! WIN WIN, but he just ignored your advances.

Anonymous said...

Surgery Scar = Operation = Doctor = Stress = Relaxing Vacation = Fishing Rod = Catching A Fish = Cooking It For Dinner = Core Bamboo Kitchen Items

It seems pretty cut and dry to me....

Anonymous said...

I am actually interested. I've always wanted a panda, and if for some reason I can't afford to feed it, the panda could just eat my kitchen.

Mike said...

Strange. I got paid $50 to write about boobs. You think you'd get more offers like that eh?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I love my bamboo cutting board but um... yea. That's not what I visit you for.

Anonymous said...

I'm upset that Mike got $50 to write about boobs and he probably doesn't even have any. I have them and nobody is paying me to write about them.

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