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Friday, April 13, 2012

I Drew a Cartoon! - The SoftSoap Chronicles Continue

A little while ago I did a cartoon that flew over some people's heads which, honestly, given my target audience really shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone.

So, I'm giving it another shot.

Since hindsight is 20/20 unless it has astigmatism which typically requires the use of corrective lenses and even then your hindsight has to hold the newspaper far away just to do the Sudoku puzzle because you never ever know when someone is going to slip Nazi propaganda in there, I rethought my cartoon literally 2 seconds after I published it.

True story.

Why I'm addicted to drawing soap I honestly have no friggin clue.

Here you go.


I hope that's not too HARD for some DICKS out there to understand.


Great. I'm already thinking of another one.

Good Lord, help me.


Unknown said...

I clicked on the original cartoon in the link, and for the record I got it right away. This one I don't think is nearly as funny.

Don't get me wrong it works, and I like the soap tits, I just like the other one better.

Don't forget the grungy soap drool when approaching the Dove bar in the bar.


Anonymous said...

She should have known better than to hop in bed with soft soap... I mean he did give her a warning.

meleah rebeccah said...

I love your cartoons. They always make me laugh.

Unknown said...

You really are a maniacal genius!

Unknown said...

You really are a maniacal genius!

jack mehoff said...

i need more frothy soap mixture in order to get the full effect...maybe some soapy santorum.

i was disappointed i didnt get to see the soap titties in full glory - i mean its not like you have to sensor it - you want it in smack mags you gotta show some soap skin!

chemgirljaime said...

this is why you're so good at draw something.... I get it now.

Anonymous said...

I like them both, but since I saw this one first, I like it a little better.

Simone said...

you should pitch this cartoon idea to someone in hollywood. it's better than most premises out there...

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