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Monday, September 17, 2012

My Line of Bitter Baking Company Cookies - Now with even MORE tasteless humor

Your choices of cookies from MY VERY OWN LINE of treats over at The Bitter Baking Company just got WAY more betterer.

As opposed to my grammar. Obviously.

For those of you who don't remember the story, check out the post that started it all...along with Erin's follow up that, well, cemented the deal.


When you go there, you'll see a "Mental Poo" category which the lovely Erin (I'm guessing here, I have no idea what she looks like) put together to showcase all of the CUSTOM COOKIES she can make for you with slogans written by yours truly.

Well, according to Erin my cookies have been FLYING off the shelves at a rate of nearly one cookie every once in a while, so in light of such amazing success we've decided to EXPAND the line to include "Divorce" cookies as well as throw in some new cookies in the "Romance" category.


Know someone going through a divorce or bitter breakup? How about pamper them with some heartfelt cookies like these?


In the mood to spread a little romance via tasty treat? Of course you are. Send that special someone one of these timeless classics:

They just tug at the heartstrings, don't they?

I can fully attest that the cookies are all hand-made by Erin and wicked good and totally worth it because (a) you'll make someone laugh and (b) Erin and I get money.

I see this as a win-win.

Enjoy your cookies and thanks for the order!!


By sheer coincidence, The Indy Girls actually wrote a Spotlight Post today on The Bitter Baking Company and GUESS WHO IS MENTIONED IN IT.


Go read it. It's actually pretty cool. Then buy cookies. Don't forget to do THAT.


Forgotten said...

I have so many people who will be benefit from these this Christmas. I totally am getting myself the happy divorce-aversary for my birthday since I not only turned 30 a year and half ago but my divorce was final on the same day! Go me!

Toni said...

After seeing these cookie slogans previously, my husband often reminds me how happy he is that he settled for me.

Of course, that's what I get for letting him see your blog.

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