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Friday, February 01, 2013

Hell yes, Indie Reader. HELL YES.

Got my very first unsolicited book review the other day from IndieReader.com:

4 out of 5 stars?

Not gonna complain about that!! Especially when someone who DOESN'T know my work reads me out of the blue. It can be - needless to say - a little shocking.

If you want to read the entire review, go here. It's very candid and gives you a good idea of the content of the book and what to expect. But, then, if you're on this blog right now, you pretty much know already.

Also? They gave me THIS:

To get YOUR copy of "Things Go Wrong for Me" click here, or on the book ad on my sidebar!! Available in FULL COLOR paper and Kindle formats!!


Pat said...

Hey congrats! I'd sing off of the rooftops for you, but it's freaking cold out here or colder than a witch's tits, and you know how cold THAT is!

Suldog said...

Way cool! Congrats!

Chris said...

"Not recommended for those who are squeamish about nuts."

Is there any higher praise than that? I think not.


Vicky said...

Whoo Hoo !!!

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