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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Because when I'm dead my signature might be worth some $$

It's here.

Well, kind of.

My new book, "Perhaps I've Said Too Much" is set to be released on November 19th, 2013!

In anticipation of it's general release, I am doing something I've NEVER done before.

*does naked robot dance*

It's not that. I do that a lot, actually.

NO! What I'm doing is actually offering both versions of the book - Paperback and Kindle - in a PRE-SALE OFFER!

Here's what YOU get for ordering the book in advance of it's release date:

Pre-order the beautiful, full-color paperback for $15.99, and get FREE SHIPPING on a SIGNED copy of the book AND an autographed 5x7 lithograph of the alternate cover! (US only - outside the US subject to add'l shipping)

Pre-order the full-color Amazon Kindle version for $4.99 and we will email you a SIGNED graphic of the alternate cover the day the book releases, along with a link to your Kindle download.


To place your pre-order for "Perhaps I've Said Too Much," just go here.

Thanks, everyone!! Spread the word!

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