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Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Circus Goes Taboo - Billy Wants Dolly

And the war with Family Circus rages on.

If you haven't seen my first two 'Family Circus' issues, click here and here.

But this one is NOT my fault.

I opened the funny pages the other day and I see this:


Oh, oh Billy.

You just crack me up, you oval-headed dwarf of hilarity.

So I'm looking at the cartoon of Dolly showing Billy her perfume when I look just...

..a little..


What perfume is she holding?


What the frenchtoast!?

She's, like, six years old, right? What the Hell is she doing with 'Taboo' perfume?

Then it hit me:


Either that or her mother is but I think that's all over the neighborhood anyway.

So I then went ahead a Googled 'Taboo perfume' but the closest I could find was 'Tabu Perfume' so I'm guessing there were some Copyright infringement lawsuits going on but the ads were really fucking racy so I just modified them to fit the scene:


What the Hell, Bil Keane.

My KIDS read the funnies.

Actually, when they get to Family Circus it's less 'read the funnies' and more 'what is this terrible, terrible shit?' but whatever.

Your comic should be taboo.

Yeah, I said it.


I've created an audition tape to try and have my VERY OWN TALK SHOW!!

This is not a drill.

Please check it out and vote for me. That would be awesome.

Then what would be awesome is if you spread the word and got me even more votes.

Then I get rich and we're all happy. And by 'we're all happy' I mean "I am." I see this as a win.


WILLIAM said...

You should change the boys jersey # to 69.


Vodka Logic said...

That must be why those kids never grow up, they are stunted inbreds..

good with the show, anything is better than Oprah

Unknown said...

OMG! Only you would find things so perverse in the family circus! lol

Mike said...

Hey, it let me VOTE AGAIN. I didn't know you can do that.

I'm gonna try it again tonight when I get home.

I wonder how many times you can vote if you have a dynamic IP? I bet a lot.

Laffylady said...

Hi are on LOL today with Reuben Studdard....Bwhahahahah..!

Pat said...

They HAD to change the spelling of the perfume, because TABU is old-lady-smelling-perfume. The ads may be racy, but the perfume sure isn't! Now TABOO on the other hand, has a whole different connotation, *cue in 70's porn music*.

Nice catch. It's like a subliminal message in the comics - the same as the Disney movies!

Brutalism said...

It's called "Family Circus" for a reason. The next generation will have lobster claw hands, flipper feet and tails...

Moooooog35 said...

WILLIAM: I'm tired of drawing. You do it.

Vodka: Family Circus was filmed on location in Kentucky...

Eva: I didn't draw in TABOO.

Mike: Thanks, dude!!

Laffylady: NICE!! Thanks.

Pat: Disney movies wha...?

Brutalism: That sounds like the best. comic. ever.

Yankee: I have an aunt named 'dolly.'

Good point.

lori said...

You must have on 3+ readers, because I would have never noticed the perfume bottle. I hate that cartoon. I am not sure who finds it funny?? Yours is much better. BTW I remember that perfume from the 70s and it is foul.

Chris said...

I share your disdain for Bil "I'm so awesome I don't need that second L" Keane and his stupid comic strip.

When do we get to see some more of your "alterations"? Those are classic.

Lee said...

So, that last picture is HYSTERICAL! I am cracking up over it.

Donnie said...

I don't read Family Circus. It was taboo in my family. Reminded my parents of Jehovah Witnesses the way they dressed. Something like that.

Miss Yvonne said...

My dad read the Sunday comics to me every week when I was a kid and Family Circus was one of my favorites for some reason. Now I feel all dirty and wrong. Sweet!

rachaelgking said...


I love that Oprah's network's acronym is OWN.

So very, very telling...

J.J. in L.A. said...

Someone should tell the poor girl that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Smelling like a whore doesn't cut it anymore.

The Absence of Alternatives said...

Nice work, Columbo! That's weird 'cause I believe there IS a perfume named Taboo. There SHOULD BE now that they have Obsession (which has been used by Scientists to lure the BIG CATS). Voted for you! I hope you get your own show so you can meet Scarlet, etc. Just don't drool on them too much, ok? Actually, I am kind of torn: would you promise to continue to apply your mad Photoshop skills after you have your own show? I guess by then you can hire somebody to do this for you. You just supply the craziness.

JenJen said...


Sass said...

What the frenchtoast?!?, indeed.


MrsBlogAlot said...

LOFL!!! I always wondered where those inbred banjo playing kids came from.

Rico Swaff said...

Haha, you have to be observant to catch that.

Ducky said...

Now I know what I've been missing....a bottle of Taboo....


Maybe business will pick up now

Malach the Merciless said...

Ok, being an artist, and having gone to art school, I would NEVER want what that nude model is trying to do . . .

sammy said...

hahaha well done.

ive always found the family circus to be a worthless comic.

Ed said...

I wear my own brand of taboo.

It's called "My Sister's Funk"

The bottling process is a trade secret.

Moooooog35 said...

lexloxococicririi: Yes. I wear giant magnifying glasses constantly.

For a different reason, but whatever.

Chris: Hmmm. Let me see what I can do.

Lee: You're welcome.

I'd ask you to buy a mug, but you did already.


Don: Ah. Tolerance is a bitch.

Miss Yvonne: It's what I do.

You're welcome.


That's what the doctor at the free clinic said.

Midwestern: ..aaaaaand she channels Dan Ackroyd, people!!

* golf clap

JJ: I think you may be misinformed.

Absence: I can't imagine how good these would be if I had a CREW to do them.

JenJen: Yes. I'm sure she's reading "Mental Poo" as part of her early morning routine.

The Dish: That's how I scope them out.



Sass: Really really.

Mrsblogalot: Usually Kentucky.

Rico: Tis my curse.

That and being wicked awesome.

Hearts: That sounds like a weird yet violent death.

Daffy: It helps if you show more vagina on the street.

The more you know.

Malach: Dude..what HAVEN'T you done?

Meleah: Your last sentence is awesome.

Sammy: ..and yet I sit here begging people to buy my mugs.

Ed: Huh. I wear your sister's funk, too.

cardiogirl said...

Clearly Family Circus is out of ideas and they borrowed the idea from The Brady Bunch.

Everyone knows Greg and Marcia were gettin' it on in the attic. I think it was okay because Greg made her call him Johnny Bravo when they got together.

life in the mom lane said...

Dolly would've been better off dabbing a little vanilla behind her ears...
oh wait... that's right- they are siblings...
scratch that....*LOL*

Awesome video!- voted for you :)

pattypunker said...

it looks like she's drinking that shit before her brother plays the "let me show you what daddy does to mommy" game with her.

ps: i voted for you, dude. said...

I rely on you, Rodney, to make the Family Circus actually look funny.

LAF said...

haha that's brilliant.

JC said...

The boy is named Jeffy, not Billy. Billy is the blonde boy that always wears red.

Past Expiry said...

Banjo playing child.... ROFL.

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