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Monday, January 10, 2011

Why I Am a Dog Person

I'm kind of hanging out on vacation this week so here's what you get:

It's been a while since I made a movie so here you go.

The following is based on a true story that happened to me, literally, hours before I GOT ONTO A PLANE WITH TYPHOID MARY.

So, you know...

This was a fantastic fucking day.

If you can't see the video embedded in this post, you can click the direct link to it here.

I neglected to include the part where I was on the phone with my doctor saying, "Yeah..it's really hard and oozing...that's what she said," and then listened at the stunned silence by the nurse for about 30 seconds before she said, "I cannot stress enough HOW QUICKLY YOU NEED TO GET TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM."

Great day. Great. Day.

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Go look before the cats kill what's left of me.

And they will. You can bet on it.


Sarah said...

One little oozing wound and you're swearing off pussy?

Amy said...

To think... I was totally expecting this video to include a cat, whipped cream and a taser a la To Catch a Predator. Meh, maybe next time.

Didactic Pirate said...

You are my Scorsese.

Did I say Scorsese? I meant Jesus.

That was awesome.

http://howtobecomeacatladywithoutthecats.blogspot.com said...

Really hard and oozing? A perfect descriptor, coming from you, Moooooog! Thank you so much for giving me yet another important reason for being a cat lady without any cats.

Cluttered Brain said...

Ew Ew Ew.
Perfectly funny cartoon animation though. You are hilarious.
Thanks for making the video.

Mike said...

Moog, you are the best blogger in the world. Seriously. You're consistently funny and just about always blog on a regular basis.

Just like McDonalds. You know exactly what you're going to get and you can get it no matter where you are.

Why no-one is paying you giant bucks is beyond me.

Also, cats should be oriental food and not pets.

Moooooog35 said...

SarahP: Yes. That's what I'm saying.

Amy: Well, then, send me the video YOU have of that and I'll post it.

You're welcome.

Didactic: Wait. Isn't Scorcese Jesus?

I'm confused now.

Boom Boom: Not a problem.

One Cluttered: You're welcome. Did you buy a mug or something?

Mike: You need to start putting a disclaimer at the end that says *not a paid advertisement*

People are going to start talking.

Unknown said...

Cats are very intelligent! They know who the enemy is!

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Soooo... Is this whole video a metaphor for divorce? I'm really good at reading between the lines.

Also, this made me laugh 5 times. And only once was because of your accent. I love your car, by the way VROOM VROOM!!

Vodka Logic said...

The speakers on my lap top are messed up so I couldn't hear the vid [will watch later on desk top] but I thought they were sticking out their tongues. opps

The Lissst! said...

WOW! That was pretty awesome.
I'm trying to think of something creative but can't.
I can't stop laughing.

Miss Yvonne said...

Best part of that video?

"Three. Days. Latah."

Your kid cracks me up.

MrsBlogAlot said...


This video is why I'm a "Moooooog person"!!!

Vinny C said...

If I ever needed another reason to be a dog person, that was the icing on the cake right there.

Also I agree with Steamy, love the car.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Dude! You're supposed to cut their nails! Sheesh!

LOVE the video!

Jenny DB said...

DUDE this happened to me in real life. Seriously.

Malach the Merciless said...

Yeah, a dog would just ripped your arm off and ate your feces.

meleah rebeccah said...

That was a kick ass cartoon animation. But, I'm sorry that crazy cat bit you!

And not to gush over your greatness or anything - but I totally agree with Mike's comment up there.

You are truly hilarious and always deliver. So, thank you for making my day - every day.

Andygirl said...

there's no way anything I say can top Sarah P's comment.

Nicole Leigh Shaw said...

Purr-fect. Great, a bad pun. Now I hate me. Still love the movie, though.

mookzmom said...

Just 3 weeks ago, my biggest cat got caught by a back foot up in the top of a fence (between the slats of a 6 foot fence) Like an idiot, I attempted to rescue him bare-handed. Like a SMART person, however, I immediately went on antibiotics, because cat bites are NASTY! And I'm still a cat person. Sorry!


So as not to have MY comment stray from the general theme of all the previous comments...

*gives blow job


what are you paying these ppl?

StephanieC said...

I loved my cat... he's gone now, and we have a huge sometimes-aggressive Great Dane.

Seriously??... Reeeally?..... Seriously?

Pick your battles, my friend. And always have some antibacterial ointment close by!

Moooooog35 said...

nipple: I'm sorry, but I refuse to accept the alternative.

Eva: Well..they do NOW.

Steam Me: I know. I really blinged up my Civic.

Vodka: Get that shit fixed. There are no excuses.

Lisst: Keep thinking. Something will come to you.


Yvonne: I asked him to do his best 'spongebob transition' guy.

I think he really pulled it off.

Mrsblogalot: me too!

Vinny: At least my dog gives me something good..like rabies.

JJ: I'm in a shelter. I don't think that's allowed.

Jenny: ME TOO!

Malach: Why is my poo on the floor?

Meleah: You're welcome. We'd totally be doing it right now if you lived closer.

andygirl: I know. Me either.

Nicole: *cricket*

Pam: well aren't we miss smartypants.


Speaking: They only speak the truth.

I hope you are, too.

I like my BJ's with very little teeth, thankyouvermuch.

Stephanie: I didn't pick this battle. He picked it for me.

Stupid cat.

Opto-Mom said...

This totally reminded me of South Park.

Oh my God! That cat killed Rodney!

Pat said...

When my daughter got a serious bite from a dog (she worked at a kennel at the time), they told her at the hospital that the ONLY thing worse than a dog bite is a CAT bite!

But I still love little puddy cats. Doggies, too.

Pat said...

When my daughter got a serious bite from a dog (she worked at a kennel at the time), they told her at the hospital that the ONLY thing worse than a dog bite is a CAT bite!

But I still love little puddy cats. Doggies, too.

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