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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Wrapping up the Week - January 9, 2011

Well..it's finally 2011 and I'm back to writing the good stuff (so I think).


Just in case you missed another fun-filled week on Mental Poo...

My Posts from this Week:

I go back to my original roots of storytelling and write a wonderful, heart-felt post about HOW I ALMOST DIED ON A TOBOGGAN.

Brings a tear to my eye, reall.

Then I wrote about how the SC Johnson company is primarily responsible for all the pee I have to clean up in my bathroom.

Admittedly, most of it is mine.


Then I made a cartoon about SoftSoap.

Wow. Been kind of a 'cleaning products' kind of week here.


Moments in MENTAL POO History:


A year ago this week on 'Mental Poo':

My daughter has a chorus concert and school and I'm pretty sure that's Steve Buscemi plotting to kill all of us in the back row.

Looking back..

My ex-wife never really understood all my euphemisms. Or, maybe she understood them and just kind of hated them.

The latter actually makes way more sense.

When you have Girl Scout Cookies to sell, why not spam everyone at work? And, while you're at it, might as well offend some people, right?



Two Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo':

This one's about ketchup.

I think that's self-explanatory.

This is the one where I try to put together a SkeeBall table that has the directions written backwards ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

That was awesome.

..and this is a pretty good example of how my ex-wife used to taunt me.



Three Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo

How to Make an X-Rated Toy

The above was my first post to get over 30 comments. I am so proud.

The most disgusting joke I HAVE EVER HEARD. This is the post where I tell it to a strange woman at a Red Sox game for no reason.

I'm an amazing man.

More advice on how to respond to phone calls you don't want..in this case, political ones.


I learned my great sexual harassment techniques from one of the best in the business.

God, I wish that really was a business.

I'd totally be CEO of that shit.


Some funny stuff that's not mine that I read this week:

I continue to revel in the fact that Narm is just starting to understand now that marriage will consume and, eventually, destroy him.

It's highly entertaining, actually.

I also love knowing that the crap I deal with as a dad isn't just relegated to me..and that others have the same funny crap and can write about it.

There you go, folks.

Some new shit, some old shit.

That should keep you busy.

See you on Monday.

Moog out.


Unknown said...

My favorite of the week was the tabogganing story. Although the artwork of the scrubbing bubbles one was impressive!

Jill Hamilton said...

have you looked at the cartoons in playboy lately? if you haven't, you don't even need to because they are EXACTLY the same as they were in the friggin' 70s. Your cartoon is way way too modern and the cartoon editor (who's probably like 700 years old) would not even begin to get it.

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