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Friday, April 06, 2012

BIG NEWS!! I'm Expanding my Empire... One Cookie at a Time

Remember Erin, my arch nemesis from the really cool Bitter Baking Company who I successfully blackmailed into giving me free cookies because she blatantly stole my Urban Dictionary term, "holemates?"

Well..check THIS OUT:


I know have my VERY OWN line of custom cookies on The Bitter Baking Company's website!! Each cookie has a quote from yours truly emblazoned on a delicious vanilla cookie.

Choose from such cookies as:

Check out all the sayings in my Bitter Baking Company cookie collection here.

Erin HAND BAKES and decorates each cookie per order in her very own kitchen and - trust me - they're wicked good.

Plus, if you buy any of my cookies I get a cut from the profits so, you know, buy in bulk because I'm saving up for a hot tub.

And don't forget to browse The Bitter Baking Company site for Erin's very own sarcastic cookie creations which - I'm sad to say - top mine in some cases.

So cool.

Thanks from both Erin and I and enjoy your cookies!


People who order cookies online receive an email that they should share with friends and family. When their friends and family order cookies they get a 20% discount. Then the orginal person who ordered, referrer, receives a discount code for 35% of their next order. And so on, and so on.


AccordingtoJewels said...

LOVE IT! lol. Erin is the best. I can't thank you enough for introducing me to her. Hilarious & delicious cookies...can't beat it.

Unknown said...

Because of hearing about your bribery I was able to get custom pageant cookies! I don't have a special site for pageant cookies, but I helped spark her "skinny bitch I hate you" streak!

meleah rebeccah said...

Holy amazeballz!

Alexandra said...

You know you are going to go crazy with this and they are going to be a HIT.

This is a perfect fit. And now, you will get NO sleep b/c there is no way you will not be thinking about these cookies day and night and day and night...

EVERYTHING will become cookie fodder, it'll be worse than blogging was...

CONGRATS, mooooog, you know we all think you are one of the funniest.




Anonymous said...

I can't wait until she starts to sell gluten-free cookies.

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