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Monday, December 16, 2013

You win some, you get strange looks from the postman

I had a book release party over on the Perhaps I've Said Too Much Fan Page the other day, and gave away some eBooks, signed cover lithographs and custom bookmarks.

As I'm stuffing the lithos and bookmarks into the envelopes, I'm thinking to myself that since the book is about messing with people, it only seems right to keep it going on these prizes.

Right. Wrong.


So here's what I wrote on the winner's envelopes. There are probably a bunch of husbands wanting to kill me right now.

That one is actually true.

Personally, I'd rip that one open SO FAST...

This one was for Karoline:

I have no idea if these envelopes made it to their destinations or not.

I'm assuming the postal workers probably had a tough time resisting. I mean, "naked alien autopsy photos?"

SIGN ME UP. I'd be tearing into that thing so fast.

Go over and like the page. 

You never know when I'm going to give more shit away.

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