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Monday, May 13, 2013

This is way better than a Leg Lamp.

I called my publisher the other day to ask him a question, and he answered the phone like this:

"So, you like the email?"



Me: "Uh..hi? What? What email?"

Tim: "Go check your email."

So of course I ran to check my email because I assumed Kate Upton was asking him how to get in touch with me.

Man, if I had a nickel.

But, no. Instead, what greeted me was THIS:



And then I apparently fainted and was out cold for days because I woke up in the middle of my living room with my dog looking at me hungrily and I had a full beard.

So, yeah. I was a finalist in the "Humor/Comedy" category for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards but I think I'm more excited about winning a medal for it which I will wear all the time just like this:

I'm considering going to the ceremony so they can actually PUT THE MEDAL AROUND MY NECK because this is probably as close as I'll ever get to knighthood or doing something remotely athletic.



If you haven't read my book yet, or would like to order 3,000 more copies of a Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist, you can get it in FULL COLOR paperback and Kindle versions here:

Things Go Wrong for Me -


Rebecca said...

In regards to book publishing. I've always wondered how much money a writer makes off selling books. Do you get a penny each time someone checks your book out from the library? When a library buys your book, do you get more or less money than when someone shops at Wal Mart or Barnes and Nobel? How much do you get off of each 'e' sale? Is that what they call it when someone buys your book for their reader/kindle, etc?

Also, from start to finish, how much money does it cost to find a publisher, editor, book putter together person and the final print copy?

Suldog said...

Heh. See? First you get a medal, then Rebecca brings you back to Earth. It is the Circle Jerk Of Life, Pumba.

Lisa Newlin said...

Congrats to you on the medal, but that's kind of the whole reason you wrote the book, right?

I know some day if I can write a book, it will be just so I can aspire to a medal.

I finally got your book in the mail from Amazon and I started reading it last week on a flight to NYC. I was laughing so hard I had to start reading it to my husband because he got sick of asking me what was making me cry with laughter.

We aren't even that far into it and LOVE EVERY PAGE. Seriously.

I'm not someone who LOLs (I don't use that horrid acronym nor do I laugh out loud). However, your book makes me do both!

Okay, I will stop gushing now. I'm also quite glad your book cleared up your screen name on Twitter. It's one of life's mysteries that's now solved.

If you could tell me why people still date Taylor Swift, that would be another one down.

Moooooog35 said...

Rebecca: email me at - I don't know if I can answer any of your questions, though.

Suldog: Leave it to a woman.

Lisa: That is friggin awesome. If you haven't done so, please leave a review on Amazon/Goodreads, etc.

I wish I could help on the Taylor Swift thing.

Not really.

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