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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wrapping Up the Week - June 26, 2011

week that was

Sorry for slacking lately on my weekly round-ups but I've been busy moving into my new house which is, honestly, f'ing exhausting and BORING.

But, hey, NEW HOUSE!

Just in case you missed another fun-filled week on Mental Poo...

My Posts from this Week:

..and I wonder why they never write back to me after I respond the first time.


This is probably why I miss appointments.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a softer side of Moooooog.


Moments in MENTAL POO History:

zombie history

A year ago this week on 'Mental Poo':

Tortoise Embryos and Robot Anal Probes.

That one is self-explanatory.

..and then I made a commercial starring Tiger Woods and Robert Pattinson.

It's a muffin! It's a penis! It's two great tastes in one!

Wait. What?


Two Years Ago this week on Mental Poo':

Cloudy with a Chance of an OJ Simpson Verdict.

That's what happens when I Google the weather.

My first-ever contest where I asked my readers to rip a commenter a new one concludes!!

Elmo and the Tragic Parachuting Accident


Three Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo

My Son, and the Ass-Munching Goat

I take this moment to share with you some of the great joys of motorcycling.

*insert sarcasm here*


Some funny stuff that's not mine that I read this week:

Thank you, Eva....I KNEW I was exercising without even knowing it.

There you go, folks.

Some new shit, some old shit.

That should keep you busy.

See you on Monday.

Moog out.


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Unknown said...

Congrats on the new house!

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