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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Wrapping Up the Week - October 2, 2011

week that was
Just in case you missed another fun-filled week on Mental Poo...

My Posts from this Week:

Right. Tell me you don't want to work with me after reading THIS.

How to torture people in your IT Department.

You're welcome.

And this is what you get when you're my girlfriend.

Besides the mind-blowing sex, I mean.


Moments in MENTAL POO History:

zombie history

A year ago this week on 'Mental Poo':


This is what I did during "Child Impact Class."

A true Who-Dunit.

Pun intended.


Two Years Ago this week on Mental Poo':

My then-wife provided me with more fodder from her inner-city classroom where she teaches.


Trying to pick up dog crap in New England during the fall is MUCH harder than you'd think.


Three Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo

I re-wrote one of my favorite posts about Renaissance Faires.

Because I'm lazy like that sometimes.


Some funny stuff that's not mine that I read this week:

I love 'kid drawing' posts and this one from Nina doesn't disappoint.

Plus, she's, like, super hot. So there's that.

There you go, folks.

Some new shit, some old shit.

That should keep you busy.

See you on Monday.

Moog out.


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Unknown said...

I haven't yet figured out what you do for work, if in fact you do work at all!

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