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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wrapping Up the Week - January 23, 2011

Before I start today:


First off I was nominated over at Studio 30+ in the categories of "Funniest Blogger," Best Tweeter," and "Best Male Blog" and "BLOG OF THE YEAR!!"

I need to defend my title for the "Twitter" one, at least. It's a pride thing.

Head on over, please, and throw some votes my way if you have the time!


I was nominated by some awesome people for a Shorty Award(pun fully intended) for my Tweets.

The more nominations I get, the better chance I have of being recognized by people I don't care about.

It's a narcissism thing.

If you have a Twitter Account, I'd love if you could go HERE and throw a nomination my way.



Just in case you missed another fun-filled week on Mental Poo...

My Posts from this Week:

I tried to make Mario Lopez ugly and failed terribly.

You'll see. It's harder than it looks.

That's what he said.

This is the kind of crap you get when you actually try to use Google.

I bet Bing doesn't pull this shit.

I was left home alone with some board games and all I came up with is this pornography..kind of.


Moments in MENTAL POO History:


A year ago this week on 'Mental Poo':

I start my series of making my own "Family Circus" cartoons.

This has turned out to be one of my more popular features. Go figure.

..and sometimes, looking back, the divorce really isn't much of a surprise after all.

So you know those times when you just go, "JESUS CHRIST!"..?

Me too. So, you know...


Yep. Going to Hell.


Two Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo':

About a year ago I accidentally sent my password to a developer here at work.

He knows way too much about me now.

..and then I worked out at the gym and realized I forgot my underwear.

Me no likey.

Remember the poet who did her stupid poem at Obama's Inauguration?

Yeah. Me too.


Three Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo

And this is why, people, that you never try to lift weights at a party while you're absolutely shitfaced.

So, then I had a vasectomy and had to masturbate into a cup.

Typical Tuesday, really.

So then I found out that THE VASECTOMY WORKED and, you know...the line forms at the rear, ladies.

Well, front, actually.


Some funny stuff that's not mine that I read this week:

You very rarely get to see a pretty blogger who is in a t-shirt and you can kind of make out her boobs so, you know, here you go.

Suzy Soro writes about why blogs suck. On her blog. She is awesome.

There you go, folks.

Some new shit, some old shit.

That should keep you busy.

See you on Monday.

Moog out.


Jeremy from We Took The Bait said...

If you don't win in the "Best Tweeter Category," something is all fucked up with the world. Like a combination of "Schindler's List" and "Heavenly Creatures" and "Bully" fucked up.

We got nominated, too.

I don't even know what a vlogger is.

A Vapid Blonde said...

Awe shucks! Thanks Moooooog35. Also you should note that I always spell your name correctly.

A Vapid Blonde said...

Also I know I voted for you at 30+ I'm just not sure under which categories. And over at the Shorties, which resulted in me nominating my self. I'm not suure how they made that happen!

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