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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wrapping Up the Week - October 30, 2011

Before I start today:

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Thanks in advance.


week that was
Just in case you missed another fun-filled week on Mental Poo...
My Posts from this Week:

My ex-father-in-law continues the tradition of lying like crazy to my kids.


This is one of the ways I keep myself entertained at work.

..and other people freaked out, but whatever.

And then one of my best friends on the planet, coworker, target of most of my sexual harassment and author of some of the grossest guest posts on this blog GOT FIRED.

So I went looking for a replacement.

Of course.


Moments in MENTAL POO History:

zombie history

A year ago this week on 'Mental Poo':

..and then I watched my mom throw the girl I was seeing down a flight of stairs.

Good times. Goooooood times.

Weird coincidence here but this post is about Kristin.


Because 'Dark Satan' is a cute name for a kid to come up with for his jack-o-lantern.


Two Years Ago this week on Mental Poo':

This, honestly, should be part of my "Hulk Reads Notes to a Teacher" series.

I recall about the time I asked my (ex-)wife's hand in marriage.

Well. That should have been a sign right there.


Three Years Ago this week on 'Mental Poo

This one is about my butt eating a piece of toilet paper.

Don't ask.

And then...


Four Years Ago this week on Mental Poo

I learned the meaning of "BWB."

We'll just file that under 'useless information' and call it a day.


Some funny stuff that's not mine that I read this week:

I love 'Cooking for Assholes' and this week he does 'Blumpkin Pie' which both looks and sounds delicious.


There you go, folks.

Some new shit, some old shit.

That should keep you busy.

See you on Monday.

Moog out.



Unknown said...

Whatever will you do without Kristen? I suspect you may have been the reason she was fired!

Rebecca said...

I clicked twice. You.are.welcome.

Mike said...

OOOO. So that's why I got 6 clicks from here yesterday! Thanks man!

Rebecca: If you clicked twice you are now obligated to buy something from me. That's just the way it works.

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