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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogiversary "Best Of" - The Honorable Mentions

Closing out my "Best Of" week of posts, I'd like to just give you a few posts that were CLOSE to the list but didn't make the cut.

Trust me, out of nearly 1,000 posts, it's difficult to weed through them and pick some favorites.

In no particular order, are some of the posts I considered...and some that were chosen by you, my readers, as some of my best.

I hope you enjoy them all.


"Raisins are People" - a recollection of the very first time I chaperoned a field trip.

"What I Did in Child Impact Class" - which was mainly nothing.

"Homemade French Remedies and Grade School AA Meetings" - this has to be child abuse, right? RIGHT?!

"Taken" - a Shady Hostage Story - this marks the first time I realized I could mess around with my coworkers and get away with it. Awesome.

You say "Thank You" like this: mmfffmmfffff - (How a Woman Should PROPERLY thank you for a diamond)

"I'm so Confused I Don't Even Have a Title" - this one is simply mind twisting.

"Superior Testicles" - A heartwarming tale about seeing my boss' balls, and MY VERY FIRST MOVIE!!!

"Fatty the Snowman" - a whimsical tale about a fat kid and the mountain that tried to kill him.

"The Squishy Ride Home" - Note to self: When getting prostate exam, DO NOT RIDE THE MOTORCYCLE.

"Flickr Makes me Cross Dress" - I think this one is self-explanatory

"Bible Adventures" - My MOST POPULAR YouTube video and one of the reasons I'm no longer allowed to put my children in my videos.

"Seeing Red" (a Kristin story) - 92 comments on this one. A "Mental Poo" comment record.

"The One About Ruben Studdard Ninja Spiders" - this one should have made it simply based on the title alone. GENIUS.

"I Hate My Teenagers Already and the Oldest One is Only 9" - man..I was such an asshole as a teenager.

"The Hulk Reads Notes to a Teacher - Episode 1" - the first video that kicked off my super popular "Hulk Reads Notes" video series.

...and, last but not least...

"How One Man's Facial Hair Changed History" - because no 'best of' posts are complete without at least one Hitler picture dressed as a pirate.


Thanks to all my readers out there.

Now, will one of you PLEASE get me a writing job?!

Thanks in advance.


Unknown said...

Several of those were familiar to me and caused me to chuckle again just thinking about them! You really are witty and clever and need your own tv show...

karensomethingorother said...

you are indeed witty and clever--especially if you've been blogging this long and are STILL hilarious! How? How????

MrsBlogAlot said...

I have threatened everyone I know to get you a writing job.

...Did I mention I have absolutely no pull whatsoever?

Doesn't mean I don't adore you!!!

HELLO?... HBO???

...yeah, still nothing.


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